Fall Fest’s ‘The Accountant’ Ben Affleck Movie Trivia Contest

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Here is the fun movie trivia contest about the 2016 action-thriller "The Accountant," starring Ben Affleck, that we wrote for members at SCACPA’s Fall Fest Accounting Conference in November [...]

SCACPA is Listening, Acting as CPAs Struggle to Keep Up With Education and Successor Notifications

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The South Carolina Association of CPAs is letting our members know that we are directing our resources toward navigating solutions regarding statewide notifications that affect South Carolina CPAs. The [...]

Upcoming Firm License Renewals: Be Prepared for Designated Successor Requirement

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SCACPA reminds you that your annual firm renewal process cannot be completed without naming a designated successor. The South Carolina Board of Accountancy wrote in its 2nd Quarter 2018 [...]

Young Professionals of CPAs, Bankers, Lawyers Invited to Networking Social Night on Nov. 8

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A CPA, a banker and a lawyer walked into a bar … Well, an historic aircraft hanger converted into a craft brewery, to be specific. The South Carolina Association [...]

Attention Fall Fest Attendees: Here’s your Survival Guide on How to Navigate the Two-Day Accounting Conference

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The 2018 Fall Fest Accounting Conference is almost here! There’s going to be a lot of moving parts – 400 attendees, 45 classes, 13 vendors and even an illusionist [...]

SCACPA Now Accepting Nominations for our First ‘Community Connected Engagement Awards’

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SCACPA wants to thank all our members, firms and Chapters for all the community events across the state that went into October’s Month of Service. So far, we have [...]

SCACPA is “Educating the Educators” on Financial Literacy

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If high school and college-aged students could choose the one educational course that would most benefit their future, it would be one focused on money management.  That’s according to [...]

Coming Soon: We Will Need Your Help with a Survey that will Revolutionize How SCACPA Strengthens Our Advocacy

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The South Carolina Association of CPAs places a special value on how our Members volunteer their assistance to our advocacy programs. It would be impossible to accomplish all we [...]

Fall Fest Entertainment Night has Food, Games and Prizes Galore

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SCACPA membership is more than CPE packets and PowerPoints. We’re a community built around providing you with professional connections and lifelong friendships. That’s why this November’s Fall Fest Accounting [...]

Across the State, CPAs are Giving Generously for Month of Service

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SCACPA members are proving up to the challenge this October in donating their time and resources to help those in need across South Carolina. Wherever you are, there’s something [...]

Harley-Davidson, NASCAR Ride-Along, Brackish Bow Tie are Items at the Fall Fest Silent Auction

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Would you like to experience the thrill of a NASCAR ride-along? Or learn how to ride and handle a Harley-Davidson motorcycle? Or ride home on a Harley-Davidson? You can [...]

Community Connected Engagement Awards Will Wrap Up October Month of Service

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Community involvement is critical to making South Carolina better for individuals and businesses. That’s why for this October’s Month of Service, the South Carolina Association of CPAs is launching the [...]

H. McRoy Skipper Scholarship Fund is SCACPA’s Month of Service Focus

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A scholarship fund in memory of former SCACPA President H. McRoy Skipper, CPA, is being launched in conjunction with October’s 2018 Month of Service. “I can’t think of a better [...]

How to Get the Most out of SCACPA’s CPE Benefit of Surgent On-Demand Self-Study

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You might have seen that SCACPA has teamed with Surgent CPE to offer 240 courses of self-study, on-demand education as a member benefit. It’s an incredible opportunity to get specialized [...]

DEW: Residents in Five Counties have 30 Days to Apply for Disaster Unemployment Assistance

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With FEMA’s designation for Individual Assistance, residents of Chesterfield, Dillon, Horry, Marion and Marlboro counties are eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance. If your job has been affected by Hurricane Florence, [...]

Reminder: AICPA Benevolent Fund is Source for Financial Relief

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As South Carolina recovers from Hurricane Florence, the South Carolina Association of CPAs wants to remind those who belong to the American Institute of CPAs and are experiencing financial [...]

SCACPA Announces H. McRoy Skipper Scholarship Fund as Month of Service Project

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A scholarship fund in memory of former SCACPA President H. McRoy Skipper, CPA, is being launched in conjunction with October’s 2018 Month of Service, the South Carolina Association of [...]