SCACPA Connect is your online, member-only community to:

  • Post questions…  and get answers
  • Keep up to date on regulatory news
  •  Join interest based groups
  • Get your latest chapter news
  • Follow SCACPA Advocacy

All in one convenient place.

Connect With Your Peers Through SCACPA Connect 

SCACPA Connect is our member-only forum which connects you to other SCACPA Members.  This exclusive member benefit gives you the ability to:   

  • Exchange accounting-related information with fellow SCACPA members   

  • Stay up-todate on hot topics or time-sensitive regulatory issues 

  • Network virtually with your peers and gain insights into the profession 

  • Gather content on specific subject matters
  • Access your colleagues through the membership directory

Don’t just be a spectator!  We urge you to join the discussion and add your expertise!  

Just Getting Started?

Don’t worry! It’s easy to get started with SCACPA Connect. Just follow these steps to start growing your professional network today.

Need more information on how to get started? 

How to start using Connect today:

  • Login to Connect with the same username and password as your SCACPA member account.  

  • First, update your profile. Remember you can easily link to your Linked-In profile to update information quickly. 

  • Add a picture. Members are more apt to post and respond when they can see you.  

  • Begin posting questions in the Open Forum for discussion or areas where you might need some peer insight.  

  • Review and respond to items you will receive in a daily digest email. Pick the time of day you would like to receive a notification that summarizes posts that occurred in the community. You can modify your notification settings to immediate, daily, weekly, etc. However, we ask that you allow the “daily digest” emails at first to familiarize yourself, as well as facilitate and generate some timely discussion. 

  • Check out the Connect terms to ensure your experience is rewarding and successful.