SC DOR Seeks Public Comments on Guidance Drafts for Remote Sellers, Marketplace Operators and Marketplace Users

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In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., the South Carolina Department of Revenue has released three Public Drafts for public comment [...]

Hybrid Cloud Environment is Best of Both Worlds with On-Premise Software

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Content Courtesy of Kopis | SCACPA Gold Affinity Partner Hybrid cloud environments are a recent trend in software development that are creating interesting opportunities for businesses. A hybrid cloud solution [...]

Succession Planning for CPA Firms Leads to ‘Merger Frenzy’

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Owners and partners of smaller-sized CPA firms who are nearing retirement age often face two options on how to pass along their practice: a) make themselves attractive to be bought [...]

IRS, Security Summit Launch Awareness Campaign to Protect Client Data

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The IRS and its Security Summit partners have initiated a summertime security awareness campaign for tax professionals with an expanded guide that provides critical steps to protect client data. "Protect [...]

Kopis and The Move to Modern: Four Areas Every Company Should Evaluate

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Many of our clients ask how they can best keep up with technology trends -- and, more importantly, take advantage of the simplified, feature-rich services that are now more [...]

IRS Scam Warning: Phishing Attacks Come Disguised as Professional Association Outreach

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The IRS and its state and industry Security Summit partners warned tax practitioners to beware of phishing emails posing as state accounting and professional associations. The IRS has received [...]

Kopis: Consider These Questions for Your First Machine Learning Project

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By Jonathan Fowler Senior BI Developer, Kopis “Machine Learning” has eclipsed “Big Data” as the Business Intelligence buzzword. Many available tools make it easier than ever to train, test and [...]

Kopis: Does Your Data Backlog Look Daunting? Migrate Your SQL Server to Azure to Scale Your Resources

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By Ryan Geide | Senior Business Intelligence Developer, Kopis As a Structured Query Language Managed Services provider at Kopis, I regularly talk to companies about data management. When it comes [...]

IRS Celebrates Small Business Week with Targeted Tax Tools

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In recognition of National Small Business Week (April 29-May 5), the IRS is highlighting its resources that help small business owners and the self-employed understand and meet their tax obligations, [...]

IRS Nationwide Tax Forums Will Visit Atlanta to Talk Tax Law, Cybersecurity and Offer Case Resolution

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With recent tax law changes and continued cybersecurity threats facing the tax community, the IRS is encouraging tax professionals to sign up for this summer’s Nationwide Tax Forums. Each of [...]

Hold That Call: IRS Warns of New Twist on Phone Scam With ‘Spoofing’

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The IRS warned of a new twist on an old phone scam as criminals use telephone numbers that mimic IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers to trick taxpayers into paying non-existent tax [...]

Software Connect: New Buyers are Driving Accounting Software Purchase Trends for 2018

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Accountants have deep insights into their company's processes, so they should be as equally involved in the selection of new software for their organizations. What drives companies to upgrade to [...]

House Ways and Means Committee Wants Answers for IRS Tax Day Tech Breakdown

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A bipartisan group of House Ways and Means Committee lawmakers have given the IRS a deadline of May 4 to answer questions related to the April 17 technical glitches that [...]

Charleston Accounting Startup Ceterus Raises $10 Million in Venture Capital

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Ceterus, one of Charleston’s fastest-growing technology startups since its founding in 2008, has gained $10 million in a round of Series B funding from Richmond, Va.-based Harbert Growth Partners. It [...]

IMPORTANT: IRS EXTENDS tax deadline to midnight, April 18

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Tuesday, April 17, the IRS’ Modernized eFile and Direct Pay services went down, leaving CPA tax practitioners and taxpayers scrambling on the last day of filing season. A number of [...]

SCACPA Member’s New Tech Platform Promises to Link Accountants with Specialty Work

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During his five years as a CPA, Sean Kenny became well-versed with the annual Busy Season grind. But in the past year, as he has worked toward his goal of [...]

K2 Enterprises: What To Watch For in AI, Blockchain and Big Data

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By Randy Johnston, K2 Enterprises When our K2 team offers a CPE course related to accounting technology, our rule is that we should have content that can be applied the [...]