We’ve added features to our CPE and learning tools to make it easier for you to give feedback and help us respond to your needs. 

As we move into our new Membership Year and begin this year’s CPE offerings, we want to keep you aware of ways to provide us your feedback.


A new addition is on the Checkout page after you register for a CPE seminar.  We now have an option there to give feedback on your course preferences.  So… if we don’t have what you need, let us know… and your suggestions will be routed directly to our CPE team. We purposefully leave flexibility in our CPE calendar to add new sessions through the year.  This lets us have space to respond with seminars on regulatory changes or other topics of interest.


Also, we closely monitor membership interest in our offerings based on enrollment levels for the seminar’s in-person and livestream options.  Should we see that interest for an in-person seminar doesn’t support the on-site objectives such as networking with peers or attendance count to support the on-site costs, we will transition the event to livestream to keep the content available for you.  Should we decide to make this transition, we will give you at least a 30-day notice for you to adjust your schedule.


Your education experience is important to us, so we encourage you to check in with us often.  You can find under the CPE tab on our website home page the latest CPE Calendar updates, search by course subject, and even find your CPE Transcript.  It is a great resource to manage your CPE needs!(

Under that tab you’ll also find our course suggestion form, and here’s the direct link.  Why not go ahead now and give us your feedback?  CPE Course Suggestion – SCACPA.

Finally, will you please complete our CPE Format Member Poll? Its just one quick question to help us guide your learning experience.

THANK YOU, and we appreciate your feedback!

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