Professional Conduct for South Carolina CPAs (LIET07)

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Event Name:
Professional Conduct for South Carolina CPAs

Event Code: (LIET07)

Event Description
This course covers the laws, rules, and regulations that apply to the licensure of accountants in the State of South Carolina, as well as those that apply to the practice of accounting in the State of South Carolina. This course is designed to meet the South Carolina Board of Accountancy regulation that requires two hours of CPE related to South Carolina Rules and Regulations.

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Christopher Jenkins, CAE

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Jared Paquette
the ematerials link online returns a page that says "this does not exist"
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Laura, please check your e-mail.
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Good job. Thank you!
Gregory Reagan
Thank you!
How do they count self-study courses that are more than 10 hours? Is that one day?
Gregory Reagan
If you are working in a litigation setting under the AICPA Consulting Standards and AICPA Code of Conduct, and are addressing assertions by another party, but are not performing an attestation service or agreed-upon procedures, are you exempt from the peer review requirements?
Laura Stevens
I didn't realize the code was at the bottom of the screen.
Laura Stevens
i missed code #1. What do I do?
Brook Mixson
Here are the Ethics courses we're offering until the end of the reporting period of Dec. 31, 2018.
Brook Mixson
Hi y'all, we're offering this course a few times before the end of the year. If power is lost, send us an e-mail to let us know at You will get your hours back.
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Same here. What happens if we do lose connectivity? Is the class offered again?
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