You can never know too many people, have too many friends, or volunteer too often. From educating youth on financial literacy to hands-on service projects, you can make an impact for the better. Check out our Volunteer Brochure here and email for more information on volunteer opportunities available!

Volunteer for the SCACPA Board
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Common Questions

Q: How often do groups meet?

A: Most committees and task forces meet an average of two to four times per year. Most meetings are held via conference call or Web conference, with an in-person option at the SCACPA office in Cayce.

Q: Why should I volunteer?

A: Your involvement gives you the opportunity to share your talents and expertise, exercise your leadership skills, grow your knowledge base and develop professional relationships that will last you a lifetime.

Q: Do I need specific experience?

A: Some committees may require more professional experience than others. Contact the designated staff liaison or committee chair, if you have questions.

Q: How long is my commitment?

A: Committee and Task Force appointment terms are two years. You may request to be reappointed at the end of your term. Task Forces are generally formed for a specific project, and then dissolved.

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