Why do you need a CPA?

Would you trust your family’s health to an online quiz? Of course not! You discuss those decisions with your doctor. Your doctor understands your health history and offers expertise based on training and experience. The idea of trusting your health solely to your internet search bar seems absurd.

Why should discussions about your taxes, finances and business be addressed any different?

CPAs are not “just” tax preparers and auditors. Today’s CPA has evolved to become a client’s trusted advisor. With a broad range of skills, they are driven to support their clients above and beyond the tax return.

CPAs are motivated for success by nature. In fact, to earn the CPA credential, professionals must pass a rigorous exam. In order to maintain the credential, South Carolina CPAs must complete at least 40 hours of qualified continuing professional education every year. This ensures they are up to date on all the latest changes and practices that could effect on you.

Just as you would expect your doctor to be up to speed on the latest medical information, you can bet that your CPA is armed with the information you need to keep your business thriving. 

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Before you consider tackling your own taxes or hiring a non-certified accountant for your taxes, financial planning or business planning needs, consider the value of a CPA. You’ll be glad you did.
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Business Growth

“After hiring a CPA, I was able to grow my business and increase my profit margins substantially thanks to his advice. He also helped me develop a succession plan for handing it over to my sons one day. I couldn’t have created such a well-thought-out, financially secure plan on my own.”

Financial Planning

“I hired a traditional accountant to complete my individual and business taxes for years before taking the advice of a business associate and hiring a CPA. Since, not only has my refund increased but I have a retirement plan in place that simply didn’t exist before.”

Audit Support

“You always hear about the dreaded audit and hope you never have to go through it. Well, I did. But, thanks to my CPA, it wasn’t as bad as I feared at all. He represented me and spoke on my behalf. I couldn’t imagine having gone through it without him.”

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