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Genuine Learning Blog – SAS 145

The long awaited changes by the AICPA to Risk Assessment have been issued. SAS 145, which will be effective in 2023, updates several definitions and provides clarity on areas that had significant practice issues. With a [...]

Genuine Learning Blog – GASB 98

Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) has issued GASB Statement 98 renaming the Comprehensive Annual Report to the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report. The standard eliminates an unintended consequence when the acronym was pronounced that was similar [...]

Genuine Learning Blog – Q3 2021 In Review

This week's GLS blog addresses the final standards that were issued by the AICPA, FASB and GASB in the third quarter of 2021. While it was a light quarter from a standard setting perspective, [...]

From SCDOR: Batch Withholding Program

The following content is brought to you by the SCDOR: The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) announces several updates to its Withholding process that will greatly benefit tax preparers. Most importantly, the SCDOR [...]

SCACPA Launches Video Archive

SCACPA announces the launch of its Video Archive as part of its new CPA Resources Center. Have you ever wanted to hit "rewind" on a technology session or suffered a hand cramp while taking [...]

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