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What comes with membership?

SCACPA’s calendar of CPE courses is carefully selected and localized for the subjects that matter to South Carolina CPAs. Your annual membership entitles you to a 40-hour CPE Bank for you to attend SCACPA’s major conferences, seminars and over 100 hours of Livestream. Based on membership pricing models from previous years, you break even on CPE prices after using just 15 hours of your CPE Bank. We realize you have unlimited options in price and vendor, but SCACPA wants to be your trusted and preferred choice in CPE.

When it comes to the legislative and regulatory issues that affect you, turn to the SCACPA Advocacy Team and its grassroots network that gets results. Check out our Advocacy page, where you’ll find testimonials from members who told us about problems in the field that we were then able to negotiate solutions for by cutting through the red tape. SCACPA is the only organization looking out for financial professionals in South Carolina, and we’re there when you need us.

The SCACPA Communications Team keeps you up to date on issues affecting South Carolina CPAs. Current Assets, our weekly e-newsletter, brings the headlines to you. Monthly Chapter Connections e-newsletters put you in touch with local leaders and volunteer/networking opportunities. Sign up for monthly Knowledge Networks that give you the headlines you might have missed. CPA Report magazine comes to you four times a year with in-depth coverage of the trends facing financial professionals. Our newest member benefit is a weekly podcast about Federal tax updates from renowned national expert Lynn Nichols.

SCACPA’s eight statewide Chapters put you in touch with your regional legislators, business contacts and peers. Our chapter officers work hard throughout the year to create professional and social events that will benefit you professionally and socially.

With our online registration board, it has never been easier to join the discussion, get involved and get the most from your SCACPA membership alongside more than 4,700 accounting professionals.

Other State Society with 32 hours of CPE

  • Membership
  • 8-hour Seminar
  • 8-hour Livestream
  • 16-hour Conference

Other State Society with 24 hours of CPE

  • Membership
  • Chapter Membership
  • 8-hour Webcast
  • 16-hour Syposium

All-Inclusive Membership with FULL contribution

  • SCACPA Membership
  • Chapter Membership
  • PAC & Ed-Fund Contribution
  • 40 hours of CPE

Average Annual Savings of: $342

How much can I save?

When SCACPA moved to All-Inclusive Membership for the 2018-19 year, we were excited to introduce the 40-Hour CPE Bank. From the beginning, the 40-Hour CPE Bank was designed for the typical member to break even on annual CPE costs if they took 15 hours of SCACPA CPE.

All told, SCACPA projects that we have saved our members over $382,616 in CPE costs.
That breaks down to an average of $342 CPE cost savings per member.

The Association has been great for the profession and has grown from a very small to a very large organization. Without it, the profession would not be very successful in South Carolina.”

Austin Sheheen, CPA , Sheheen Hancock & Godwin, LLP

“Price is only an issue in the absence of value. And that’s why I like the new model. For the next five years, our profession is going to change more than you can possibly imagine.”

Jeremy Weaver, CPA , PlanFIRST

“The new plan is beneficial to us because it makes it easier to make sure my financial staff is able to get the continuing education they need conveniently and at a reasonable price.”

Bratton Fennell, CPA, CGMA , Burroughs & Chapin Company, Inc.

“With the new all-inclusive membership, I’ll actually save money on CPE expenses each year.”

Brent Reese , J.D. Shirley LLC

What are SCACPA’s Five Pillars?

You’ve worked hard to earn and maintain your license. We’re striving to let you know SCACPA’s All-Inclusive Membership is our bold progression to reallocate resources devoted to our Five Pillars – that we Advocate, Grow, Communicate, Educate and Connect.


Connecting CPAs and their communities.


Clients and neighbors should see you are a trusted and supportive resource, the Association creates and promotes the framework of fellowship.
Hello There.


Securing the future of the profession.


SCACPA advises educators how they can transform curricula toward the skills needed to guarantee excellent candidates, which ensures our profession is inviting and inclusive.


Promoting the Profession.


No other group does more to protect and promote your CPA credential.  We tell the public why engaging with a CPA is the smart way to assess their financial health.
General Kenobi


Reporting on South Carolina specific news.


We distribute local news that gives South Carolina CPAs an edge. We speak on your behalf to agencies such as the Board of Accountancy, the Department of Revenue and the IRS.


40 hours of free CPE in every chapter.


We provide free live and local CPE in every chapter area. Our CPE program is built for CPAs, by CPAs. A carefully designed CPE schedule that’s relevant and adjustable.

SCACPA’s Membership ensures the future relevance and sustainability of your professional association. That, in turn, allows adjustments to all aspects of our programs to boost overall quality. We are securing new speakers, new facilities and a new method of scheduling.

SCACPA’s Continued Professional Education

The Association has assembled a Committee of 16 whose mission is to carefully craft a CPE schedule that delivers maximum value at minimum cost.

The committee employs an “80/20” strategy for building the CPE calendar – that is, 80 percent of the three-year plan will be set in place, with 20 percent of the calendar in reserve to develop new rapid-response classes to the ever-evolving accounting environment. You will get more control over the professional education that is vital to your ongoing success.

We are the only organization that crafts localized, state-specific education products, and our mission is to advocate for what is right. We offer options that fit your schedule and resources in our live classes and online offerings. Association members will have access to 40 hours of local CPE. The future of CPE means flexible learning options and formats.

It’s your benefit. Your education. Your choice.

In-person CPE is ideal for the traditionalist or the new kid on the block looking to grow their network. As opposed to online versions of learning, in-person CPE with SCACPA is all about the experience we’ve cultivated. With expert speakers, state of the art facilities, dedicated staff, and delicious meals, there’s something to be said about a good old fashioned day of learning.

Livestream CPE is all about ease, convenience, and accessibility – a new way of learning that puts you in control of your education. With an easy to use Classroom, you can learn about QBID, Ethics, and everything in between however you like. No desktop? No problem. You can watch our Livestreams from your smartphone or tablet. Livestreams occur simultaneously with its in-person counterpart, so it is not self study. If Livestreaming is your go-to learning method, you can take all 40 hours of your CPE online with us.

Self-Study On-Demand CPE is ideal for those niche topics that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else. Perfect for those in Business and Industry, Self-Study On-Demand puts you in complete control of your education – everything from the course topics to the length of time it takes to complete the course. Learning at your own pace allows you to delve deep into complex material. South Carolina CPAs are allowed to report up to 20 hours of self study CPE every year.

Networking Opportunities

One of the most significant benefits of SCACPA membership is the ability to network and connect with fellow CPAs around the state and beyond. SCACPA’s eight statewide chapters put you in touch with your regional legislators, business contacts and peers.

Chapter Events
SCACPA chapter events are tailored with you in mind. Through chapter social events, you not only have the opportunity to network and meet both new and seasoned colleagues in your area, you will engage in fun, meaningful events for both you and your family. From after-hours gatherings where you can unwind to fall days picking pumpkins and taking hayrides, your chapter events are sure to make you feel a part of the home team.

Student Events
SCACPA student events are where it’s at. Each student event is designed to get the next generation of CPAs excited about the profession through entertaining events, educational advancement and networking opportunities. Whether it’s bowling with your classmates, taking part in an interactive Q&A with experienced professionals or connecting with potential employers, SCACPA student events will certainly help you along your path to becoming a CPA.