SCACPA held its Annual Membership Meeting on June 17 during the lunch break of the Variety Track of this year’s Spring Splash event.  Ken Newhouse, Chair, presided over this year’s meeting which included an update to the membership, the presentation of the Association budget and the election of officers and directors.  This year’s Meeting was well attended with 49 SCACPA Members attending the event.   

Ken Newhouse began the meeting with a brief update to the members on the events of the past year.  Of note was a significant Advocacy effort this year by Association leadership on legislative and regulatory issues.  Multiple pandemic related stimulus bills at the federal level created unprecedented change increasing the task of conformity for SC laws. 

Major orders of business were the election of new members to the SCACPA Board of Directors and the approval of Officer positions of the Board.   

Three new members were elected to the Board.  These were Trent Coleman, Chris Clark and Dwayne Eanes.  Current Board members Tyler Gibbons and Valerie Rumbough were re-elected to serve a new term.  Current members who will assume new Officer roles include Lesley Kelly, Chair; Brad Ledford, Chair Elect; and, David Knoble, Treasurer.  Ken Newhouse will remain an Officer as Immediate Past Chair.

As well, SCACPA extends a tremendous thank-you to our two outgoing Board members, Zoe Davis and Leslie Johnson-Quick.  We greatly appreciate their contribution to the Association and appreciate their ongoing involvement.

The full 2021-22 SCACPA Board includes: 

Lesley Kelly Chair 
Ken Newhouse Immediate Past Chair 
Brad Ledford Chair Elect 
David Knoble Treasurer  

Tim Baker  AICPA Council Representative 
Harris Darver At-Large
Trent Coleman At-Large
W. Chris Clark At-Large
Dwayne Eanes At-Large 
Graham Gage At-Large 
Tyler Gibbons At-Large 
Michelle Gneisg At-Large 
Allen Hodges At-Large 
Valerie Rumbough At-Large 
Doug Snyder At-Large 
Robert Tilton AICPA Council Representative 

In addition to the election of the Board positions, members reviewed the upcoming FY-2022 budget presented by Treasurer Brad Ledford and SCACPA COO/CFO Jacque Curtin.  Curtin then presented the Educational Fund, PAC Committee and Group Insurance Trust reports.

Following these presentations Ken Newhouse recognized and welcomed Lesley Kelly as the new Chair for the Association.  Lesley then addressed the membership, sharing her excitement for the upcoming year, and in particular how Association members have been able to maintain a sense of community during the past year and enthusiasm for our upcoming live events like November’s Fall Fest.

In addition, she thanked Ken Newhouse for his tremendous leadership over a very challenging year.  Skillfully navigating the changes this past year brought were important to the effectiveness of the Association in delivering for our Members.