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Although not every hurricane season brings a catastrophic storm to the South Carolina coast and beyond, it’s good practice to stay prepared in case of an emergency. Hurricane season is an inevitable part of life in South Carolina, and we’re here to help you get ready for the next storm.

Preparation is Key

Preparation is key when dealing with any natural disaster. We have compiled a series of important things to know in case of an emergency.

  1. If you are asked to evacuate PLEASE do so! If your local government believes your county or region is unsafe, please evacuate.
  2. Leash and Tag all pets. We all love our furry friends and to reduce the chances of losing your pets during the commotion of an evacuation make sure that they remain leashed at all times and have a current address and phone number listed on their ID Tag.
  3. DO NOT wait until the last second. Evacuation notices are given far in advance to allow the several thousand individuals that will need to relocate time to do so. This means that waiting until the last second to pack up and leave could you stuck in traffic in the middle of a disaster.
  4. Stock up on necessities. Food, Water, and toiletries can become quite difficult to obtain in the event of a disaster. Stocking up on these items before hand can greatly improve your quality of living while things are sorted out.
  5. Obtain ALL medications and important documents. If you require any form of medication be sure to pack an ample supply along with any governmental or legal records that may not be very easy to replace. We suggest keeping these items in a water tight container or safe.

Key Items

  • Food and bottled water

  • Medication and Important Documents

  • Flashlight and batteries

  • Full tank of gas

  • First aid kit

Important Links

Disaster Checklist
SC Action Plan for Disaster Recovery
Resource List

Advocating for you!

Many members have contacted SCACPA regarding tax relief due to the evacuations. We started requesting relief shortly after Governor McMaster’s first press conference. It has been difficult to contact the SC Department of Revenue due to the mandatory shutdown; however, we were able to communicate with them and the request has been submitted. We’ve also made a plea directly to the Governor’s office and remain in contact with them.

Federal relief is more difficult and normally occurs after the disaster. Relief comes with FEMA declaring Individual Assistance. We have written a letter to the IRS Commissioner requesting relief and Ken Newhouse, Chair of our Governmental Affairs Committee, has provided a draft letter (below) you can use on behalf of your clients to request relief individually.

Download Now

Our Letter to the SC DOR 

Our Letter to the IRS