Today, CPA firms cannot avoid investments in technology to succeed in today’s marketplace—no matter how large or small the firm. SCACPA aims to provide CPAs with solutions and is excited to announce some new member benefits sponsored by our partner VC3. These unique benefits include:

Technology solutions can be confusing and expensive. Poor cybersecurity can lead to a cyberattack that holds your data for ransom or breaches valuable customer information. Many data privacy requirements go hand in hand with proactively maintained and monitored IT systems. We understand you need someone reliable to call if your servers, computers, or applications have issues.

SCACPA is selective about our partners, which is why we’re excited to introduce you to VC3. Based in Columbia like us, VC3 provides 24/7 IT support, offers more than 25 years of experience serving businesses in South Carolina, and benefits from a wide depth and breadth of knowledge about managed services, applications, software development, and websites to help meet a variety of business needs.

Specifically, VC3 can help your firm in areas such as cybersecurity, data backup and disaster recovery, hardware and application management, IT support, remote access solutions, and cloud hosting. Among their customers, VC3 serves hundreds of municipalities with stringent requirements related to government compliance. As a result, they understand what it takes to secure and protect the information of CPA firms while keeping you operational—no matter the size of your firm.

Ready to have a conversation about your IT needs? Contact Josh MacFarland at 727.674.5607 or This is critical. Today, areas such as cybersecurity, the threat of data loss, and the ability to stay operational through our reliance on technology are more important than ever. VC3 is ready to help you.

Also, to keep up on cybersecurity and other technology trends that can impact your firm, sign up for VC3’s monthly IT Insights newsletter and enter a raffle drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card to be given away at Fall Fest. Stop by VC3’s booth at Fall Fest, meet Josh, and receive a second entry into the drawing.