The future of online security and trust for the CPA profession is arriving with the rollout of the domain of .cpa.

In addition to better, more focused branding, the global movement toward the .cpa domain has many advantages for the profession:

  • It will provide better security and resistance to online fraud
  • It will promote greater trust in firms’ online interactions with clients and the public
  • It demonstrates that firms are progressive and professional in the digital sphere

To learn more, you can register now for the free, one-hour informational webinar, “Introducing .cpa: A Restricted Domain Exclusively for the Accounting Profession” (you can earn one complimentary credit CPE) on Tuesday, Sept. 15 at 2 p.m.

“Offering both branding and security benefits, the .cpa domain is a huge step forward for CPA firms,” said SCACPA CEO Chris Jenkins. “The AICPA is ahead of the game in securing a restricted top-level domain for the profession.”

All firms can now submit applications at The goal of this initial period, which runs through Oct. 31, is to help firms acquire domains that are most consistent with their digital branding. To apply, firms must be licensed and agree to use the domain they acquire. Licensed firms that apply during the early registration phase will be able to register their existing .com domain using .cpa. Firms will be notified of the outcome of their applications by early November.

After the initial period closes on Oct. 31 and the first batch of domains are awarded, firms are free to apply for available .cpa names on a first come, first served basis. In January 2021, the process will widen to include individually licensed CPAs.

This AICPA position paper explains the benefits and background of the restricted .cpa domain in greater detail. They have also prepared a brief explanatory video.

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