Isn’t it funny that three little letters make all the difference when it comes to describing who you are and what you do? Those three letters—CPA—are an indicator that you are the gold standard. You have more education than that required by a four-year college degree; you have more required of you than a traditional accountant; you do more in your career than add numbers and prepare taxes. 

 SCACPA understands the value of the CPA credential better than anyone. And we think it is vitally important to the future of the profession to educate the community around us locally here within the state of South Carolina and even to the larger community beyond our state lines as to who you are, what you do and why it matters. 

 That’s why in 2019, SCACPA launched its first public service campaign, #WhyCPA 

 Through this campaign, the SCACPA staff is creating and promoting messages via photographs and videos on social media that promote the value of the CPA credential and illustrate the difference between a CPA and a non-certified accountant or general tax preparer. 

 Here are some examples of the #WhyCPA messages, in case you missed them: 

  •  “If popping popcorn doesn’t make you a chef, adding numbers doesn’t make you a Certified Public Accountant. #WhyCPA 
  •  If your tax preparer’s office has a mascot, you probably didn’t hire a CPA. Learn the value of a CPA. #WhyCPA 
  •  “Think outside the software. Hire a CPA. #WhyCPA 
  •  “If you don’t trust Google for healthcare, don’t trust the internet for financial advice. Hire a CPA. #WhyCPA 

 So far, each ad has been viewed more than 400 times through social media alone. 

 What does all this mean to you? 

 It means your community will begin to better understand what you do and why what you do can, in turn, improve what they do. It means your community and clients will be educated on the difference between a CPA and a tax preparer or traditional accountant and why that difference matters. It means it will, at the very least, plant in the minds of those who see the ads the question of whether a CPA would be a professional they should consider hiring.  

 Ultimately, it will mean that you increase your visibility and grow your business. 

 The #whycpa campaign embodies the very premise on which SCACPA is based,” said SCACPA CEO Chris Jenkins. “We exist for this very reason—to promote that critically significant CPA credential across the state of South Carolina and to advocate for what you do.” 

 Based on the success of #WhyCPA, SCACPA plans to grow the campaign and spread it across multiple media outlets in the years to come, increasing it effect and benefit to SCACPA members.  

Please note: The 2019-2020 All-Inclusive $799 Fellow membership rate is NOT an increase over last year’s rate. Last year, SCACPA chapters offset the cost of memberships by $99 each for the first year of the new membership model. The $799 Fellow rate was set for the 2018-2019 membership year and is not expected to increase.