Whether you’re a financial services professional or one of the business owners they serve, you may have some outdated processes and procedures to revisit — especially given the hyperspeed at which technologies like ChatGPT are transforming business automation. But where should you start?

In this episode of Accountable, entrepreneur, CEO, CFO and founder of JCG CPA Firm Cory Gayman joins David to discuss simple ways you can improve workplace efficiencies — not only by leveraging technology but also through challenging your assumptions and shifting your mindset.

Episode Highlights

  • Compartmentalizing your calendar and getting clear on REAL priorities (05:00) 
  • Technology (a double-edged sword) and implementing AI  (11:50)
  • How small businesses can stay on top of tech (21:23)
  • Change management (24:57)
  • Improving efficiencies: Where to begin? (28:30)
  • Tips before starting a business (31:10)