Are innovations threatening accounting, finance and business — or shoring them up?  Samantha Bowling, CPA, CFE, CGMA, joins host David Peters to offer her perspective. She tells the story of how she harnessed the power of technology and general innovative thinking to ascend from a public accounting staff person to a managing partner, all the while collecting a host of other accolades including chairing her state’s CPA society, winning the Innovative Practices Award and being named among Maryland’s Top 100 Women in Business.  Now, she is overseeing a series of tech and procedural innovations that stand to propel her firm far ahead of the competition.

Episode Highlights

  • Why do CPA firms generally fear innovation? (08:18)
  • How do you go about implementing value-based billing? (12:06)
  • Bringing clients along on business transformation journeys (17:01)
  • ‘Fast Food’ tax prep (22:00)
  • How do we address the fear of innovation failure?(29:56)
  • Artificial Intelligence (35:35)