VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITY UPDATE: Nominations are now open for multiple seats on the SCACPA Board and for Chapter Officers for the 2020-21 membership year.

Chapter Officer positions are for one year, and Board nominees will be considered for a three-year term, all beginning July 1, 2020. Nomination form submissions are due May 1. Good luck, and thank you in advance for dedicating your time to SCACPA leadership!

Volunteering. Hearing that word in connection with a cause that’s held near and dear can bring helpful people out of the woodwork.  

Hearing it at other times can cause people to back into the shadows and hope they aren’t singled out for an assignment where they’re “volun-told” to help. 

SCACPA board of directors member and president of DHG Search Brad Ledford, CPA, sees volunteering as much more than donating a few hours of your time to a cause you deem worthy. 

“The benefits of volunteering are multi-fold,” Ledford said. “Yes, you are giving back to the profession and you are giving to the cause that needs your support, but volunteering also improves your own professional growth and development.

“It can strengthen you in not only what you’re doing in your company but in so many different ways on a personal level. Sometimes it stretches you but a lot of times it adds to your strength going forward in the profession. 

Volunteering also gives individuals a safe place to learn and grow and expand their leadership skills in a safe environment, said Ledford, who leads SCACPA’s Membership Engagement Committee. 

Even though I’m giving something by volunteering I get so much back in return,” he said. “As you grow in volunteeringyou realize how much you gain—in friendship, in networking opportunities and so much more.

“Time and freedom are two tough things to give up. But when you think of the benefits you reap as a person, the benefits you reap for the cause you are supporting, the benefits you reap for your company and your profession—it can be a large part of your overall development as a professional and a person. It’s given back tremendously to me. 

There are always ways to volunteer through SCACPA throughout the year. Now can be your chance to serve on two important committees:


The Growing the Accounting Profession Committee finds ways to dedicate resources toward the CPA Pipeline so that high school students can become accounting majors, and accounting majors can earn their CPA license. It also promotes the need for organizations to welcome employees who are diverse in gender, race, ethnicity, age and social status, because these organizations then better understand the marketplaces they serve.


The Membership Engagement Committee creates opportunities for volunteers to get involved while developing fulfilling experiences, along with establishing a system to recognize and reward member engagement. Its six members represent different areas of practice and geography, and they are engaged and committed to making positive contributions to the Association.

If you see one of these areas as where you would like to volunteer and grow personally and professionally while helping your peers do the same, call us today at 803.791.4181 or email communications@scacpa.org.