‘The future of the profession will be here before we know it.’

SCACPA understands the value of promoting the CPA credential to students at all educational levels. That’s why we formed the GAP Committee – Growing the Accounting Profession – to organize programs that attract students into the profession while also serving as a link between educators and practicing professionals.

The GAP Committee also promotes the need for organizations to welcome employees who are diverse in gender, race, ethnicity, age and social status. The goal for member organizations? To better understand the communities and marketplaces they serve.

“It’s important that all CPAs are open to reaching out and dedicating resources toward the CPA pipeline. With our help, high school students can become accounting majors, and accounting majors can earn their CPA license,” said Uvette Pope-Rogers, CPA, a former SCACPA Board Member and GAP Committee Chair. “The future of the profession will be here before we know it.”

The success of the GAP Committee will depend on a deep selection of presenters with different backgrounds and experiences, from industry, government and public accounting.

How You Can Help

If you’re passionate about growing the CPA profession in South Carolina, the GAP Committee is for you. Volunteer opportunities include both strategy and execution. This allows volunteers wide flexibility in regard to time committed. There are many ways in which SCACPA members can help.

If you’re a firm leader who faces a challenge finding staff, you should consider asking your colleagues to volunteer on this committee.

Whether you are a CPA who has many years of experience or you are new to the profession, this is the opportunity for your voice to be heard first by the next generation of CPAs across South Carolina. SCACPA will provide you with resources and materials for your presentations. Future GAP Committee meetings will include training for presenters.

“I know there are so many SCACPA members who would be excited to talk about their careers to students,” Vette said. “We can put you in the right place in your community, whether you’re comfortable talking to a small group of students at a time or in front of a school’s auditorium.”

Schools for Thought

The GAP Committee builds programs to encourage students of all ages to consider becoming a CPA. In addition to welcoming those who would like to join the GAP Committee, we are in need of CPAs who can volunteer as speakers.

Many South Carolina high schools and colleges have been receptive to SCACPA student presentations in their classrooms and their events. We will continue to seek out new areas of the state that we feel will be receptive to our message.

The GAP Committee also wants to discover which SCACPA members are willing to volunteer to serve as a resource for today’s college students who are trying to find their way when it comes to internship opportunities and CPA Exam guidance.

Making it Work

When it comes to accounting careers and academic relations, you can also reach out to the GAP Committee if you have thoughts about what tools you think will be needed for today’s students to thrive in tomorrow’s workplace.

Email communications@scacpa.org if you are interested in contributing to the important work underway with the GAP Committee.

Your Passion, Your Involvement, Everyone’s Success

You can explore all of SCACPA’s volunteer opportunities by applying online to tell us about your talents and interests at www.scacpa.org/volunteer. We can then match your expertise to the committees and task forces that are always at work for the profession.

SCACPA thanks all our volunteers of the past, present and future. What began as our Association in 1915 today now has an active membership of nearly 4,000 CPAs, and we are stronger together.

Our GAP Committee members include:

Vice Chair and Board Liason: Timothy L. Baker*, CPA, Central Chapter, USC Darla Moore School of Business

Shannon L. Fortenberry, CPA, Coastal Chapter, Jones, Pounder and Associates

Charles Hill, CPA, Central Chapter

Damon Hilton, CPA, Piedmont Chapter, Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.

Christopher Moss, CPA, Coastal Chapter, H. Christopher Moss, CPA

Uvette Pope-Rogers, CPA, Central Chapter, SC State 1890 Research & Extension

James B. Starks IV, CPA, Piedmont Chapter, Bradshaw Gordon & Clinkscales, LLC

Tamara Stewart, CPA, Piedmont Chapter, IH Services, Inc., Gatekeeper Maintenance, Inc.

* also a SCACPA Board Member and Past Chair