With an active membership of nearly 4,300 CPAs, the South Carolina Association of CPAs in many ways has never been stronger. With robust attendance at our two annual accounting conferences, statewide support of our communities during October Month of Service and advocacy that gets results at the State House, SCACPA remains well-positioned to protect and promote the credential.

To get this work done requires the incredible grassroots support of our members. That’s why the SCACPA Board and staff decided the time was right to review our volunteer experience to make sure those interested in making a difference are getting the support – and recognition – they need.

Now meet the SCACPA Member Engagement Committee. These members who represent different areas of practice and geography who are engaged and committed to making positive contributions to the Association. Their mission includes:

  • Creating opportunities for members to get involved with the Association
  • Developing a fulfilling experience for volunteers
  • Establishing a system to recognize and reward member engagement

“Any time you volunteer you grow professionally and personally,” said Brad Ledford, CPA, CMA (SCACPA Member since 2007), the President of DHG Search and a member of the SCACPA Board. “That experience helps you grow the accounting community and teaches you skills you can take back to your own organization.”

Insights Into Effectiveness

The committee will next meet in December. Among their tasks, they will review and compare surveys completed by two sets of SCACPA members: those who had previously volunteered with the Association to reflect upon their experiences; and one by members who have yet to volunteer to learn in what ways they are looking to get involved.

The committee will add to their insight on ways to effectively utilize the valuable time members are able to volunteer. Examples:

  • The number of hours of service members are willing to invest
  • Specific ways to contact volunteers with a personal touch
  • Appropriate ways to spotlight successful volunteer efforts, such as mentions in social media and publications as well as physical awards
  • How Chapter Officers can harness volunteer efforts in their communities
  • Creating profiles for what types of talents are required for particular roles, which will help in approving and assigning members for specific tasks
  • Developing volunteer training to cut down on learning curves for new participants, especially for our Chapter Officers, where annual turnover of positions offers a recurring transition period

The committee also turns toward SCACPA’s Five Pillars of Membership to break down the ways our members can contribute.

Connect: Member Engagement Committee; October Month of Service organizers

Grow the Profession: Student Liaisons for middle schools, high schools, colleges, and beyond; Professional development of new CPAs; Campus Champions

Advocate: Legislative Committee (Governmental Affairs); CPA-PAC; Outreach to legislators

Educate: CPE Committee of 16; Taxation Committee; Speakers Bureau; On-site assistance for CPE Classes and our Fall Fest and Spring Splash Accounting Conference

Communicate: Editorial Task Force; Writing articles on your area of expertise for the SCACPA Blog and South Carolina CPA Report magazine

Committee members will continue to reach out and listen to our members for advice.

“Being a part of this committee allowed me to connect with other members while fulfilling an identified need by SCACPA,” said former Member Engagement Committee member JoAnne Smith, CPA, CGMA, AIAF, MBA (SCACPA Member since 2013), and VP of Finance for The Risk Authority in Columbia. “Openly sharing ideas and connecting with SCACPA members and staff has been the key to meeting our committee’s goals.”

Your Passion, Your Involvement, Everyone’s Success

You can explore all of SCACPA’s volunteer opportunities by applying online to tell us about your talents and interests at www.scacpa.org/volunteer. We can then match your expertise to the committees and task forces that are always at work for the profession.

SCACPA thanks all our volunteers of the past, present and future. What began as our Association in 1915 today now has an active membership of nearly 4,000 CPAs, and we are stronger together.

Member Engagement Committee members

Brent Reese, CPA, JD Shirley LLC: Chair and SCACPA Board Liaison

Rebecca Smith, CPA, The Risk Authority Stanford: Vice Chair

Brad Ledford, CPA, DHG Search Advisors: SCACPA Board Liaison

Becky Goessel, CPA, USC Upstate:

Neil Tabor, CPA, GreerWalker LLP

Lisa Bland, CPA: SCACPA Staff Liaison