A quality tax practice begins with respect for the standards, and SCACPA is presenting a day of six total hours of livestream ethics training on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

Start your morning with “South Carolina Ethics, Rules and Regulations,” (8:30 a.m.-10:10 a.m.), which is designed to meet the South Carolina Board of Accountancy regulation that requires two hours of CPE related to South Carolina Rules and Regulations.

The two-hour session of “South Carolina Ethics, Rules and Regulation” (LIET02) with SCACPA CEO Chris Jenkins will cover the laws, rules, and regulations that apply to the licensure of accountants in the State of South Carolina, as well as those that apply to the practice of accounting in the State of South Carolina.

In the afternoon, anyone who desires to hone their ethical reasoning and ethical decision-making skills can take part in “A Culture of Regulatory Ethics: Make A Competitive Advantage” (1 p.m.-4:30 p.m.).

David R. Peters, CPA, CFP, CLU, CPCU, is SCACPA’s advisor and speaker on Business and Industry topics, and he will present a four-hour class on “A Culture of Regulatory Ethics: Make A Competitive Advantage” (LIET01).

Wherever you are right now, regardless of the circumstance, your choices define who you are and the outcomes you, and others, may have to live with. While your employees may be aware of this on some level – after all, organizations do provide ethics training – do they truly realize the impact of the decisions they are making? More importantly, what is the risk to your company if they don’t?

Participants will develop ethical decision-making tools to assist with navigating ethical challenges and promote better ethical decision making by employees and organizations.

Between those sessions, you can learn to sort the good from the bad of consumer technology with “Tech Gizmos and Gadgets” (10:20 a.m.-noon).

SCACPA CEO Chris Jenkins will highlight the winning and losing technology tools of today. Learn about gizmos, gadgets and apps that you can fold into your personal and professional lives. This presentation injects humor into your technology purchasing decisions – just in time for holiday shopping.

“Tech Gizmos and Gadgets” (LITE01) will walk you through laptop reviews, mobile phone reviews, consumer electronics, applications and tools, and much more.