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SCACPA wants to thank our members for taking advantage of the forums of SCACPA Connect, our member benefit online discussion portal. We’ve seen that many of you have questions and concerns regarding the mass filing for unemployment benefits via the online portals of the SC Department of Employment and Workforce.

We have previously addressed some of your questions about mass filing for unemployment benefits.

SCACPA also reached out to the DEW to address your questions, and they responded with a video presentation. Here you’ll see Jamie Suber, Chief Administrative Officer for the Department of Employment and Workforce, answer questions submitted by SCACPA members regarding filing for unemployment insurance benefits in South Carolina.

The topics addressed include:

  • Filing Unemployment for Part-Time Workers
  • Initial Filing Required
  • Employer Filed Claims
  • Both Employee and Employer Filing
  • Where to File (Employers)
  • Employer Filing vs. Employee Filing

SCACPA sincerely thanks Jamie Suber and the SCDEW communications team for taking the time to listen and respond. Also, look to the SCDEW YouTube page for answers to other questions you might have:

Are there more questions you’d like to see the SCDEW address? We have the opportunity to turn this into a recurring exchange.Go to SCACPA Connect and let us know on the discussion thread of this video.

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Additionally, here are FAQs that the SCDEW has posted via social media:

  • Who do I list as an employer if I’m self-employed, 1099, gig employee, etc.?
    • Use the name you provide when filing with the IRS.
  • How do I answer the “Able and Available” question?
    • Ask yourself: Removing COVID-19 from the equation, would I be able and available to go back to the job I had before or accept a new job offer?
      • If yes, answer “YES.”
      • If no, answer “NO.”
  • Why is it asking if I have completed a job search since they waived weekly job search for COVID-19 related claims?
    • The SCDEW’s system provides this question for claimants who started receiving UI benefits before COVID-19. However, with the changes in state and federal law to assist during COVID-19, you can answer the question honestly. Answer “yes” if you have searched for work. However, if you answer “no,” you will not be penalized for not completing a job search.
  • What is my return to work date if I don’t know?
    • Use your best guess. This date can be changed later.

*NOTE: If you have lost your job, through no fault of your own, due to COVID19, use COVID-19 as the reason for the layoff.*

USDOL Update on PUA: This past weekend, SCDEW and other state unemployment agencies received guidance from USDOL on the implementation of the new Pandemic Unemployment Assistant (PUA) program. The PUA, part of the CARES Act, expands unemployment insurance eligibility, and adds federal dollars ($600) to the maximum amount paid by states. To handle the increase that has come with the expanded eligibility, SCDEW is reviewing this guidance. This review will determine their need for system upgrades. They have not yet received the federal funds for the additional $600 allocation.

For an explanation of PUA, see U.S. Senator Tim Scott’s video clip providing detailed answers in the SC Chamber of Commerce’s call with members.

Your firms, organizations, clients and communities are depending on your expertise during this crisis. We know you are doing everything you can to mitigate risks and help keep your firms and businesses running. SCACPA thanks you for your dedication to the profession, now and always.