SCACPA understands that many members have questions and concerns regarding the mass filing for unemployment benefits via the online portals of the SC Department of Employment and Workforce.

While we await guidance from our contacts at the SCDEW about best practices, we can offer assistance on these issues. You can click on the links below for instructional flyers and instructions that the SCDEW has distributed to partners.

The SC Department of Employment and Workforce is encouraging impacted employers to consider filing on behalf of their employees to streamline the process for filing unemployment claims for all parties involved. Employer Filed Claims are more convenient and eliminate the step of an employer having to verify a worker’s claim.

For more information, visit

“Welcome to the S.C. Department of Employment and Workforce’s new benefits portal for employers. When you get to the login screen you will enter the account number and PIN that were sent to you by the agency as well as your FEIN without the dash.”

“This screen will allow you to download a spreadsheet that you may use to add employees affected by the separation. Click the Download button to retrieve this file and save it to your PC. You can edit this file in a spreadsheet program (e.g., Microsoft Excel) and then upload the file once it contains the affected employees.”

Sample Excel File: Copy of Employee UI Filing Spreadsheet EFC.csv

“Many employers file on behalf of their employees. Here are important things you should know about employer filed claims.

“Employees, DO NOT file a new claim. You will need to CERTIFY your weekly claims to receive unemployment benefits.”

For general information about Unemployment Insurance benefits related to COVID-19, go to Due to the SCDEW’s heavy volume of calls, it is strongly recommended that filing for unemployment insurance be done online at

If you have further questions, send them to You can also join discussions on these issues on forum threads at SCACPA Connect, our online communications forum.