At the South Carolina Association of CPAs, our five pillars — Advocate, Communicate, Grow, Educate and Connect — are not designed around just one segment in the CPA profession. Instead, SCACPA operates under each of these pillars with each segment of our member base in mind.

Whether you’re an accounting practitioner, you are in business and industry or work for the government or a nonprofit organization, check out this glance of what SCACPA has been doing for you.


Along with federal tax conformity, SCACPA is actively monitoring state tax reform, sales tax on tax preparation services, occupational licensing reform, two separate audit rotation bills and new financial literacy programs. Plus, our #WhyCPA social media campaign touts the importance of the CPA credential to the general public throughout the year.


SCACPA’s communications tools — our Current Assets e-newsletter, South Carolina CPA Report magazine, blog posts, podcasts and more — frequently include news that matters to individual practitioners as well as those in business and industry, government and nonprofit. SCACPA’s online community, Connect, is a dedicated hub for you to interface with your profession and 4,700 of your peers no matter the location. 


Growing the profession is important to all segments of the CPA profession. Through our student memberships, presentations and events we are not only helping to strengthen the next generation of CPAs, we give you the opportunity to connect directly with the best and the brightest who are entering the profession.


Take a look at SCACPA’s CPE catalog and you’ll see that it is full of courses designed with both accounting practitioners and B&I in mind. The same is true for SCACPA’s two annual accounting conferences—Spring Splash and Fall Fest. Both are packed with courses designed specifically for you—whether a sole practitioner or practicing in B&I, government or nonprofit.


SCACPA’s eight chapters host events in their areas that allow you to develop personal connections with other CPAs in your community. Our volunteer program offers a robust range of ways you can contribute, and we find opportunities that are a match to your interests. SCACPA’s 2019 Fall Fest was the Association’s largest in-person event to date with more than 400 South Carolina CPAs coming together at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center.