SCACPA knows you work hard to operate your business the right way. But the odds are good that someday – through no fault of your own – you will run into regulations that hinder your efforts. Red tape is a frustration, and it can cost you time and money.

That’s why the work accomplished by SCACPA’s Advocacy Team comprised of members and staff can be your most important member benefit.

SCACPA’s staff members are always just a phone call away, and the grass-roots networking of you, our members in the field, gets results. Thanks to our member connections, we know which regulatory decision-makers we need to directly talk with right away.

When we work together to identify your issue, we can then immediately work together to address it. Our Advocacy Team sorts through laws, regulations and licensure requirements – all the fine print that might otherwise keep you on the phone for hours on hold.

With your help, we have worked together with the South Carolina Department of Revenue, the Department of Employment and Workforce, the Board of Accountancy and others to develop relationships that, in turn, make life better for CPAs in the state of South Carolina.

The SCACPA Advocacy Team regularly helps make a real, measurable difference, as can be seen in the Association’s work in disaster relief and federal tax conformity. SCACPA’s expertise is in advocating for the local matters that directly affect you so you can get back to work doing what’s best for your clients and your local community.

Thanks to you, SCACPA is connected and we are constantly working on broadening our networks. Our partners with Copper Dome Strategies have laid the groundwork to work with and be heard by legislators. We’ve surveyed you and your fellow SCACPA members to know who among us have key personal contacts in the State House and beyond.

There is power in our numbers. Our Association is 4,300 members strong, and we aim to elevate as many South Carolina individuals and businesses as possible. When you’re a SCACPA member, you can have a voice in how our resources are allocated.

The South Carolina Association of CPAs is the only organization that protects and promotes the CPA Credential in South Carolina, and we’re there when you need us.

It’s the power of SCACPA Advocacy. You can do what you do best with the South Carolina Association of CPAs.