Trying to convince a fellow CPA to join SCACPA? Here are just a few of the things SCACPA accomplished in the 2018-2019 member year. Feel free to use these as selling points when talking with a nonmember about the benefits of membership. 

In the 2018-2019 membership year, SCACPA:  

  • Worked with legislators and regulators on tax conformity, tax reform, occupational licensing, and financial literacy programs.  
  • Worked with our chapters to coordinate 9 giving campaigns to help support local communities in South Carolina.  
  • Provided timely information and communications about professional issues and disaster recovery.  
  • Saved members over $300,000 in CPE expenses.  
  • Added new information tools including weekly post casts focused on Federal Tax, A&A, and technology.  
  • Offered more than 40 hours of live CPE in each of our chapters, over 100 hours of livestreamed content, and partnered with surgent for on-demand offerings.   
  • Coordinated high school, university, and local community events to inform students of the value of the CPA.  
  • Held more than 20 social events enabling CPAs to enhance their professional network with their peers.   
  • Created a new PR campaign to promote the value of CPAs to the local business community. 

And, don’t forget, SCACPA works year-round to make the organization one that promotes advocacy, community, education, growth and networking. As a result, SCACPA is a place where members can: 

  • Promote your business within the CPA community and beyond. 
  • Get the first crack at tomorrow’s leaders through our student outreach efforts. 
  • Get all of your 40 hours of your required CPE with SCACPA’s one-time, All-Inclusive Membership model. 
  • Have a voice and a home. No matter where you’re located, there are SCACPA members in your local community. Through our networking and social events, we put you in direct contact with your peers who know the issues that affect South Carolina CPAs and can provide support and guidance. You join a community of people working to make life better for the individuals and businesses of South Carolina. 

Need more tips or advice about recruiting nonmembers? We are here to help! Contact the SCACPA staff today at 803-791-4181 or email us at