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Leadership: The Great Resignation and Leadership’s Response (LIOT06/25)

Event Description

In this course we will explore “The Great Resignation” and discuss whether it is a temporary phenomenon or the new labor market. As a manager, are you feeling frustrated by the changes the pandemic has brought to the workforce? Is there a new social contract between employer and employee? How is leadership responding to the changing mindset of what it means to work? Learn techniques that might help to transform your company’s hiring strategies.

Designed For

Executives, business owners, HR professionals, managers


Better understanding of the impact of the Great Resignations and opportunities it presents; and a closer look at leadership’s response and strategies, and an appreciation that leadership is a work in progress.

Major Subjects

With the help of two consultants, we will discuss the Great Resignation and the impact on leadership, those responsible at the end of the day for getting the work done, and strategies for successfully navigating this new work environment.