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Presentation & Public Speaking Skills (LIOT04/25)

Event Description

9-Session Leadership Program 
Raise your bar of excellence by attending all selected leadership development meetings. Provided virtually, each session is high-impact and engaging. The program provides immediately implementable leadership tools/techniques.

Session 9: Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
Engage audiences with confidence, craft compelling content, and deliver memorable presentations and speeches.

In this comprehensive session, participants will acquire a wealth of knowledge to elevate their presentation and speaking skills. The key takeaways encompass five success factors that ensure a remarkable presentation, seven essential keys to thorough preparation, thirteen effective techniques to employ during a presentation or speech, six structures to guarantee an engaging speaking event, guidance on the effective use of PowerPoint and visual aids, and strategies for positively influencing groups of people. This session equips individuals with the tools and insights necessary for delivering compelling and impactful presentations.


Takeaways: During this session participants will learn the following:

  • 5 success factors that guarantee a terrific presentation
  • 7 keys to preparation
  • 13 techniques to utilize during your presentation or speech
  • 6 structures to ensure an engaging speaking event
  • How to effectively use PowerPoint and visual aids
  • How to positively impact groups of people!