Your Virtual Spring Splash is only a few days away, and we want to make sure you have everything you need to get the most out of your professional education experience on May 14-15.

Thursday and Friday will be SCACPA’s largest virtual event ever, and we expect higher call volume as the sessions begin. We request your preparation and assistance to ensure you do not miss any portion of your sessions.

We will also for the first time ever be offering TWO livestream classes concurrently to accommodate our Tax and A&A tracks. All Tax courses will be show from the original SCACPA Classroom at In addition, we’ve created at Classroom Two for all A&A sessions, and that location is at If you elected to take a mix of Tax and A&A courses, make sure you are in the right Classroom! Find out more details about this later in this message.

You will receive an email that indicates you are registered for your desired selections (Note: You might be asked to reset your password if you have not logged in since April 24, 2020, when our website was updated):

“Course Title” (Course Code)

Speaker: <Discussion Leader Name>

Event Details Date: <Course Date>

Course begins: <Start Time>

Course ends: <End Time>

Area of Study: <Tax or A&A>

Credit Hours: <Credit Hours>

Accessing your E-material:

  • Go to>
    • Login to your account
  • Hover over the CPE tab on the Home screen
    • Click on “My Events”
  • Scroll down to find the Course title
    • Click “Download Material”

How to Test Your Equipment in Advance for Your Virtual Spring Splash Session:

Please visit the SCACPA livestream Classroom prior to the beginning of the event and test that your computer or device is working as expected.

If you still think you need help in how to take a SCACPA online course, or if this is your first time trying it, we encourage you to watch this short video tutorial on how to access and navigate the SCACPA online Classroom:

Please Make Sure You’ll Be in the Correct Classroom!

All Tax track courses will be in the original SCACPA Classroom, while we have specially built an additional SCACPA Classroom Two for A&A courses. If you are alternating between Tax and A&A courses, make sure to keep track of which page you’re supposed to be in.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to refresh your browser between sessions, as we will be reloading the pages for each new delivery.

You can test and access your event using this link:

Tax Session Location:

A&A Session Location:

Please note: When you enter a Classroom page, there may be another course in progress. Your course will play during the scheduled time.

About watching multiple sessions in a row: During the breaks between sessions, please make sure to refresh your browser. Our servers require that we periodically clear our cache, so in order to properly watch each new session, you must refresh your browser.

Gaining Your Credit:

During the event, you will be presented with numeric codes on screen. These codes must be supplied in the online attendance form for you to receive credit. It might be a good idea to write down the codes during the course in case your page accidentally refreshes. Make sure to submit codes as soon as the course ends. The Classroom will be refreshed and setup for the next course once it is over. If for some reason you cannot submit your online form, please send an email to containing your name, the course number (course code) and the attendance codes.

For optimum performance of Classroom technology please AVOID the use of Internet Explorer. There may be malfunctions in accessing our course and the material if you choose to use this browser. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you have further questions about this event or any special needs, please contact the SCACPA staff at 803.791.4181 or

Remember: Once the Tax and A&A of Virtual Spring Splash is over, SCACPA will be offering more CPE classes in May and June to cover our traditional Spring Splash tracks of Government, Nonprofit, Variety and more. It’s the most CPE the Association has offered than at any time in our history.

If you’ve already used all your 2019-20 CPE Bank, you can start registering for our May and June courses once you renew your dues and then access your 2020-21 CPE Bank. For more information, read the Dues Renewal details below.

SPECIAL REMINDER! DUES RENEWAL IS OPEN for our 2020-21 membership year. Your membership fortifies SCACPA’s ability to protect your interests through our legislative efforts and vocalize your needs. Also, SCACPA has introduced many new benefits including group health insurance, auto and home insurance, long-term care and pet health insurance. The best is yet to come! Go to or call 803.791.4181, and the SCACPA staff will be happy to assist.

Thank you for your commitment to the CPA credential and for elevating the profession to serve South Carolina individuals and businesses.

— The SCACPA staff