Unfortunately, it’s not a question of whether cyber criminals will impact our lives but when. Are you and those you serve prepared?

As CEO of ISC2, the world’s leading membership association for cybersecurity professionals, Clar Rosso is eager to share ways we can all improve our cyber literacy and posture. Clar also has thoughts about the intersection between accounting and cybersecurity — and how CPAs may reinforce the integral roles they play for small business by growing and flexing their cybersecurity advisory muscles.

Episode Highlights

  • What do we really mean when we say ‘cybersecurity’ and what’s the ‘C.I.A. Triangle’? (03:00)
  • Why Security & Privacy should have a voice in crafting business strategy (05:51)
  • The risks for small-to-medium-sized businesses and getting them up-to-speed and certified in cybersecurity risk management (10:31)
  • Cybersecurity: An issue for our entire society — and forging a national cybersecurity strategy to address it (15:40)
  • Free cybersecurity certifications and other launching points for improving cyber literacy, posture and security (19:00)
  • New research exposes how 95% of businesses with 100 or fewer employees have NO information security professionals on staff — and how CPAs can help (30:30)

You and your business clients can find additional free cybersecurity resources at CISA.org.