The forecast is in: Be on the lookout for doom ‘n’ gloom.  At least, that’s how the media are painting the future — as a bleak world, upended by technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now, all of the uneasiness and uncertainty has spilled over into the accounting and finance profession where those who’ve worked diligently to earn their credentials fear that automation may nullify their efforts.

But Donny Shimamoto, CPA, CITP, CGMA sees things differently.

As founder of The Center for Accounting Transformation, founder and Managing Director of Intraprise Techknowlogies,  and Co-Chair of the National Conference of Lawyers & CPAs for the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, Donny has looked at the profession through a variety of lenses, and in each lens, he foresees incredible potential.

Listen in to discover Donny’s vision of a brighter future for entrepreneurs and those in accounting and finance fields.

Episode Highlights

  • Most get into profession to help people and businesses achieve their goals, and the demand for these skills aren’t going anywhere (04:45)
  • How to find and deliver the services your clients actually need (12:20)
  • The main thing we need to improve on as a profession* (16:58)
  • The power of personal resilience in unlocking transformation (28:15)
  • Shifting from traditional firm structures and ideologies (31:07)