Accounting and finance professionals are notorious for burning the candle at both ends. In fact, is finding balance between work and life even possible? “It is,” says Amy Vetter, CPA, and CEO of the B³ Method Institute. She supports firms and businesses across the country in working smarter — not harder — so that ultimately NO ONE in the organization exceeds 45 hours of work per week.

Want to learn how to pull this off for your business? Listen in to learn more…

Episode Highlights

  • Beating the belief system that this will never work (11:26)
  • Aligning personal and financial goals while leveraging your organization’s purpose (18:02)
  • Developing a purpose and mission aren’t nice-to-haves; they’re essential — from CEOs and entrepreneurs to everyday workers (25:00)
  • Scrutinizing your actual vs. perceived productivity (32:04)
  • Optimizing technologies such as AI — and establishing standard operating procedures (34:35)
  • Becoming a connected leader (40:36)

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***Please note: David’s audio echoes toward the beginning of this episode but eventually normalizes.