SCACPA is so much more than a CPE vendor. It’s your professional association that provides access to a community of professionals that protect, promote, inform, grow and educate CPAs in South Carolina.  

As you get ready to renew your SCACPA membership before June 30 each year, or if you are joining for the first time, take a moment to imagine a world without SCACPA. In reality, even non-members benefit from SCACPA’s efforts. However, without a strong membership base, the Association cannot exist.  

Simply put, South Carolina CPAs are stronger together. 

Here’s a sampling of what we accomplished together: 

  • Coordinate high school, university and local community events to inform students of the value of the CPA
  • Hold virtual social events enabling CPAs to enhance their professional network with their peers
  • Create the #WhyCPA campaign to promote the value of CPAs to the local business community
  • Work with legislators on tax conformity, tax reform, occupational licensing, and financial literacy programs
  • Work with our Chapters to coordinate giving campaigns to support local communities in South Carolina
  • Provide timely information and communications about professional issues and disaster recovery
  • Save members hundreds — and in many cases, thousands — of dollars in CPE expenses
  • Offer information tools, including podcasts focused on Federal Tax, A&A and Business and Industry
  • Offered more than 40 hours of live CPE in each of our chapters, over 100 hours of livestreamed content, and partnered with Surgent for on-demand offerings.

Those are just a few highlights. With your continued support, we’re just getting started. 

SCACPA works year-round to make the Association one that promotes advocacy, community, education, growth and networking. But it’s important to note that none of it would be possible without you, the members. Without SCACPA, advocacy efforts on behalf of South Carolina CPAs would not happen. There would be no formal community where CPAs would be encouraged to come together for support, networking and connecting. There would be no other source where you could receive all of your CPE within the state of South Carolina, all for one, all-inclusive rate. 

The next time you receive your SCACPA membership packet in the mail, look at it and ask yourself: What is your membership — Advocacy, Community, Education, Growth, Networking and Connecting — worth to you?