SCACPA has been asked to help support a research study conducted by a doctoral student in the Professional Leadership program at Converse University. The dissertation, titled “A Study of the Impact Gender Plays in the Ascension of Certified Public Accountants to the Chief Financial Officer Role,” aims to shed light on an important aspect of career progression within our profession. 

The primary goal of the research is to explore the impact of gender on the advancement of CPAs to the CFO role. This study is not only crucial for the doctoral dissertation but may also contribute to broader understanding and discussions within the accounting community and beyond. 

**How You Can Contribute** 

You are invited to participate in this study by completing a short survey. Your input is invaluable, and the survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please rest assured that your responses will remain completely anonymous, and no personal identifying information will be collected. Unique answers will be aggregated to ensure anonymity and confidentiality. 

We encourage all eligible members to take part in this survey and support this meaningful research. Thank you for your time and contribution to this significant study. 

Visit to take the survey before June 30! 

Thank you for your participation!