CPAs are committed to lifelong learning, and SCACPA provides a variety of educational opportunities for CPAs in all facets of business.

But SCACPA isn’t about earning CPE for the sake of completing a licensure requirement.

SCACPA focuses on quality educational opportunities on building your competence as a trusted professional. Education is essential to your success as a CPA, and our goal is to make learning as accessible and meaningful as possible. As a SCACPA member, you have full and unlimited access to the course catalog and our two major conferences, Fall Fest and Spring Splash. That’s right – no additional registration fees to attend any course or conference. Everything is already included in your membership.

SCACPA knows you can get CPE from lots of sources. The mission is not to be the sole provider of CPE. SCACPA curates education from a strong community of providers with multiple specialties. SCACPA’s education goes beyond core curriculum. We present education that is SC-specific and built to make you a well-rounded professional.

You are going in invest the time in your continuing education, so why not learn something new? Wherever you are in your career, our education will help you level up.

Our experts in Accounting & Auditing, Business & Industry, and Tax routinely contribute valuable SC-specific content outside of the classroom. This keeps you well-informed on the issues of the day and how to best serve your clients and organizations. Our experts know how issues affect SC CPAs and businesses. You’ll find their podcasts, blogs, and advice in SCACPA’s communications and SCACPA Connect.

Generic CPE offerings can’t advise you on what your SC clients or organizations will need to know. Only SCACPA can do that.

When reviewing membership and CPE costs of our peer organizations, we found that members who earn 12 credits with SCACPA break even on their investment. That’s equivalent to three half-day courses. In addition, many subscription-based CPE products omit live CPE and SC-specific topics and still come at a price comparable to our annual membership. As a result, SCACPA membership remains highly competitive in the CPE marketplace while offering more value for South Carolina CPAs.