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Wagons HOA! A Roadmap for CIRAs (LIVESTREAM) (LIAA45/21)

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In today’s environment, nothing is as simple as you think it is.  Almost everything is a specialty.  That’s especially true of Common Interest Realty Associations.  This program will provide the information you need to accept engagements with Homeowner’s Associations.

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Auditing Update (LIVESTREAM) (LIAA31/21)

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This course focuses on explaining the theory behind major issues and trends, enabling professionals to understand the most important aspects of relevant professional standards related to audit and other attest services.

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This course provides a practical overview of the most important issues facing most companies and their accountants.  The focus is on explaining the basis behind major accounting and financial reporting issues and trends in plain language, enabli...

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Fraud/Forensic Accounting (LIVESTREAM) (LIAA29/21)

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This session will provide you with information and knowledge to strengthen your awareness and knowledge of the skills and tools necessary to protect your organization from internal and external threats of fraud.

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Hot Topics in A&A (LIVESTREAM) (LIAA28/21)

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While COVID19 did put a halt to standard-setting for a while, there are still quite a few things CPAs can be focused on
this year to be ready. This course will hit on the hot topics of 2020. We'll start with a review of the audit standards

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