In an Executive Order issued today, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster announced the appointment of Brian J. Gaines as the new Comptroller General of the State of South Carolina. This follows the resignation of Richard Eckstrom as Comptroller General, effective April 30, 2023.

According to Executive Order No. 2023-12, the South Carolina Constitution provides that qualified voters of the state shall elect a Comptroller General and that in case of a vacancy, such position shall be filled by election by the General Assembly or by appointment of the Governor until an election by the General Assembly. As the General Assembly failed to elect a successor to the position, Governor’s appointment was deemed necessary to avoid a vacancy.

Brian J. Gaines, MPA, CPM, of Columbia, South Carolina, has been appointed to serve as Comptroller General until the General Assembly elects a successor or a successor qualifies as provided by law. Mr. Gaines holds a Master’s in Public Administration and a Certified Public Manager certification. He is currently the Director of the Division of Accountability and Performance, South Carolina Department of Administration.

The Comptroller General is an important administrative position, and its functioning is necessary to run a complex government effectively. The Comptroller General’s responsibilities include entering statements of accounts, distributing public money, and approving expenditures of money appropriated by the General Assembly.

Governor McMaster expressed confidence in Mr. Gaines, stating that his vast experience in public administration and his expertise in financial management will serve the state of South Carolina well. Mr. Gaines is expected to assume the responsibilities of the Comptroller General with immediate effect.