Celebrate your CPA! You put in the work, now enjoy the recognition.

Congratulations on earning your CPA license! We look forward to recognizing your achievement at the New CPA Oath Ceremony! This ceremony brings together your peers, the South Carolina State Board of Accountancy, SCACPA, and CPAs from around the state to celebrate your accomplishment. Please invite your nearest and dearest to applaud you!

Stand tall and enjoy your moment in the spotlight! Invite your family and friends to commemorate this very special occasion with you. You’ll affirm an oath and receive your South Carolina CPA certificate and a CPA lapel pin. Display these proudly — you earned them!

The New CPA Oath ceremony coincides with SCACPA’s Fall Fest Accounting Conference. Come network with an engaged group of your new peers! This is an exciting opportunity to meet CPAs from around the state and kick off the start of your new career journey.

The Oath Ceremony will begin at 6:00 pm on Thursday, November 16. But feel free to come early and enjoy the Fall Fest Welcome Reception! Your new peers are excited to congratulate and welcome you to the CPA community!

As a newly licensed CPA in South Carolina, we want to welcome you to the profession properly! Tell us your story and learn how SCACPA can help set you up for ongoing success! Send us an email at membership@scacpa.org.

The South Carolina Association of CPAs (SCACPA) is the lead organization actively protecting, promoting, and advancing the CPA profession in South Carolina. SCACPA represents CPAs fully dedicated to continued success, connectivity, and learning, like you. The SCACPA community understands the importance of going the extra mile and a commitment to excellence.