1. Updates Near for Fixing Obsolete Professional Conduct Rules
    • Treasury is reviewing draft revisions to Circular 230 that are said to provide changes for unenforceable provisions and clarify sections that were deemed outdated or confusing. [Tax Notes Today, 11/16/2021, article by Mary Katherine Browne]
  1. IRS Explains Per Diem Eligibility for Business Meal Deduction
    • The IRS has ended remaining uncertainty about the expanded restaurant purchase business deduction provided under a coronavirus pandemic response law.
    • IRS Clarifies Application of Temporary Meal Expense Deduction
      • The IRS has issued guidance (Notice 2021-63) on the temporary 100 percent deduction for expenses that are paid or incurred after December 31, 2020, and before January 1, 2023, for restaurant food or beverages, providing a special rule for applying the deduction to the meal portion of a per diem rate or allowance. ( Notice 2021-63; 2021-49 IRB 1, 11/16/2021)
  1. IRS Raises Limit on Transcript Orders From Tax Practitioners
    • The IRS has increased (IR-2021-226) the limit on the number of Transcript Delivery System transcripts that tax professionals may order through the Practitioner Priority Service line, permitting requests for 30 transcripts per client rather than 10 and applying the newly expanded limit to five transcript types. [ IR-2021-226, 11/16/2021]
  1. Tax Court Estimates Couple’s Deduction for Moving Expenses
    • The Tax Court, in a summary opinion, held that a married couple was entitled to a deduction for moving expenses in 2015 but the amount was estimated by the court because the couple failed to fully substantiate those expenses. [Forrest Crawley et al.; No. 8246-17S; T.C. Summ. Op. 2021-37, 11/16/2021]
  1. IRS Clarifies Tax Treatment of Coronavirus Relief Payments
    • The IRS has announced (IR-2021-231) the release of a fact sheet (FS-2021-16) that details some of the tax consequences for individual recipients of coronavirus state and local fiscal recovery funds and the related reporting requirements for state and local governments and employers. [IR-2021-231, 11/17/2021]
    • Gold CoinsFact Sheet Provides FAQs on Treatment of Pandemic Relief Funds
      • The IRS has released a fact sheet (FS-2021-16) on federal coronavirus pandemic relief funds for eligible state and local governments, noting that some uses of the funds may trigger tax consequences. [FS-2021-16, 11/17/2021]
  1. IRS Unveils How-To Videos on Offer in Compromise Applications
    • The IRS has released (IR-2021-229) a how-to video series for taxpayers considering and applying for offers in compromise, warning them of “OIC mills” that charge excessive fees and often mislead people by overstating their ability to help with the program. [ IR-2021-229, 11/17/2021]
  1. IRS Clarifies Accounting and Reporting of Forgiven PPP Loans
    • Three related revenue procedures explain when taxpayers should account for tax-exempt income from forgiven Paycheck Protection Program loans, how related businesses should allocate the related tax items, and how partnerships can amend returns.
  1. Coins in IRA Owner’s Possession Were Taxable Distributions
    • The Tax Court held that an individual received taxable distributions from her self-directed IRA when she took possession of American Eagle coins purchased by a single-member limited liability company owned by the IRA and that she and her husband are liable for accuracy-related penalties [Andrew McNulty et al.; No. 1377-19; 157 T.C. No. 10, 11/18/2021]

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