SCACPA wishes to thank Gov. Henry McMaster and the South Carolina Department of Revenue for their outstanding leadership as we navigate a crisis that none of us have experienced before. Communication is vital to avoid confusion and disruption, and we know we are in good hands with their guidance. They are taking action to keep the citizens of South Carolina safe.

SCACPA is encouraged by Gov. McMaster’s directive on Saturday, March 21, to conform South Carolina income tax deadlines to the new federal deadline of July 15, 2020. Among the governor’s plans and contingencies is this paragraph in the governor’s official news release:

“The governor directed the Department of Revenue to conform the state’s income tax deadline to July 15th, which is the new federal income tax deadline. Other state taxes will remain delayed until June 1st, as previously ordered.”

(See “Gov. Henry McMaster Urges Donations, Extends Income Tax Deadline, Allows Curbside Sale of Beer and Wine by Restaurants”, March 21, 2020)

Thanks to this direction, it appears South Carolina taxpayers can look forward to the assurance that the state income tax deadline will align with the new federal income tax deadline. We expect more information to be released when the Department of Revenue has had time to properly implement this relief order.

SCACPA thanks all our members for remaining informed and involved. We will continue to update you as facts and details are announced.

We hope this crisis passes swiftly and that South Carolina can return to a stable, prosperous and healthy environment. If you have further questions or concerns, you can reach SCACPA CEO Chris Jenkins at or 614.440.9018. Thank you for your resolution and trust, and for your vigilance in staying informed.