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The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) announces several updates to its Withholding process that will greatly benefit tax preparers. Most importantly, the SCDOR has lowered the minimum number of quarterly returns that a preparer must file in order to be eligible for the Batch Withholding program, from 25 to 10. The change applies to both the WH-1605 quarterly return and the WH-1606 year-end return.

The SCDOR recommends that all eligible preparers take advantage of its Batch Withholding program. It’s the easiest way to comply with the electronic mandate for tax preparers, which requires all preparers who file 100 or more returns in a year to file electronically. In one Batch Withholding return, you can submit one file for multiple clients and accounts, and you can also include both original and amended returns in the submission. By including all of your returns in one electronic submission, you’ll greatly reduce processing time, allowing you to cross a major task off your list quicker than ever before.

The Batch Withholding program is safe, secure, and available 24/7. Batch files are due at the same time as quarterly Withholding returns using GoAnywhere, a secure file transfer application. After submitting the file, you’ll receive email notifications alerting you that your batch file has been accepted, or that your file contained errors.

Once your Batch Withholding file has been submitted, you can also make payments using MyDORWAY, the SCDOR’s free and secure online tax portal. MyDORWAY accepts both credit card and ACH debit payments. By using MyDORWAY, tax professionals can manage all of their client accounts from one login, save electronic copies of correspondence, and review return and payment history.

Tax preparers must register with the SCDOR to use the Batch Withholding program.

To get started, complete an Application for Batch Withholding (WH-1614) and email it to You will receive an email when your application is accepted.

Each time you submit a Batch Withholding file, you’re required to include a Transmittal Document for Batch Filing of Withholding Quarterly Tax Returns (WH-1615). As part of the enhancements to the Batch Withholding process, the SCDOR has made both the WH-1614 and the WH-1615 available as fillable forms.

For more information on the SCDOR’s Batch Withholding Program, visit

Fourth-quarter/Annual Withholding returns (for October, November, and December) are due by January 31, 2022. For more information about the SCDOR’s Withholding procedures, visit