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Surgent’s Successful Communication (SSOT700/24)

Event Description

All would agree that successful communications are key to any successful venture, including audits. However, given the tight deadlines, complex issue resolution and the often remote working environment of the audit teams and clients, there are many barriers to achieving effective communications on audit engagements.In this module, we’ll review common barriers to effective communication, models for effective communication which are easy to understand and utilize, the importance of both verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and the often over-looked element of communication – effective listening.

Designed For

Accountants with responsibilities for effective engagement communications


Be familiar with a communication model to discover key techniques Identify and demonstrate techniques for overcoming barriers Understand the communication process including: non-verbal behaviors, and active listening Listen more effectively, especially in stressful situations where heightened emotions can get in the way Create an action plan to apply techniques in the workplace for communication success

Major Subjects

Barriers to communication, especially when working remotely Modules and best practices for effective communication Keys to effective non-verbal communication Effective listening techniques