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Surgent’s Business Development: Time Management (SSOT706/24)

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Participants have nine hours before tonight's birthday party, and as they begin the workday, they must review and prioritize their task list to maximize productivity. How much can they get done? As they set off on their day by clicking through each t...

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Surgent’s Management Fundamentals (SSOT701/24)

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As you advance in your public accounting careers, your responsibilities significantly increase. The skills required for continued success go beyond your technical skills but also include others that you may not have had a chance to develop earlier in...

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Surgent’s Successful Communication (SSOT700/24)

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All would agree that successful communications are key to any successful venture, including audits. However, given the tight deadlines, complex issue resolution and the often remote working environment of the audit teams and clients, there are many b...

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Surgent’s Time Management for Professionals (SSOT729/24)

By |2023-11-22T12:30:20-05:00November 22nd, 2023||

The phrase "time management" is misleading. No one manages time. Instead, we manage events in our lives which consume time. Like money, time is both finite and valuable; it should be budgeted and used wisely. Those individuals who "manage" or budget ...

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