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Surgent’s Navigating Your Client Through the IRS Appeals Process (SSTX782/24)

Event Description

Despite the fact that a client’s tax matter may be taken directly to court, utilizing IRS Appeals usually results in saving your client both time and money. Join us as we discuss the misunderstood process of going to IRS Appeals.

Designed For

Accounting and Financial Professionals who wish to represent clients with a tax matter in disagreement


Recognize how to craft the appeal protest to best effect the desired findings for your client Identify strategies regarding in person, correspondence, or phone conferences with IRS Appeals Utilize IRS Appeals, the only level of appeal within the IRS, to avoid costly, contentious, and time-consuming court trials

Major Subjects

Comprehensive coverage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 Preparing a valid Appeals Protest for small case requests when tax, penalties, and interest for each period are $25,000 or less Writing and filing a Formal Protest, including required information Alternative Dispute Resolution options available to clients Negotiation and time limitations


Experience in preparing individual and business tax returns