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Surgent’s Max the Tax: Schedule C (SSTX778/24)

Event Description

In this scavenger hunt game, you’re a tax associate at Surging CPAs, LLC. It’s the busy time of year, and you arrive at work to find an urgent assignment in your inbox from your senior manager, Caroline. Another colleague suddenly quit, and Caroline needs help finishing the tax return today for the client, Jasper Jones, a small business owner. Jasper does not want to file an extension. You’re asked to jump in and help complete the Schedule C, which is the only remaining form to complete the return.

Designed For

Tax practitioners desiring an interactive approach to learn key tax knowledge


Determine whether client’s expenses are allowable on the Schedule C tax form Recognize appropriate reductions to taxable income for self-employed individuals

Major Subjects

Tips and tricks to prepare the Schedule C Income and expenses Tax invoice preparation Legal invoice Entertainment invoice Education invoice


Basic knowledge of tax accounting principles