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Surgent’s Business Development for Accounting and Other Professionals (SSOT704/24)

Event Description

To grow and succeed, accounting and finance professionals must have a workable business development plan – and execute it effectively. Business development plans serve as a road map for bringing new clients into an organization and keeping the clients you already have.This course provides a broad overview for successfully growing a business. Whether you are relatively new to your profession or a seasoned pro, this course will teach or remind you of the key strategies you need to utilize to expand your business. This course also addresses marketing fundamentals such as the establishment of referral sources, networking, publishing, and social media best practices.

Designed For

Anyone in the accounting or financial services profession who seeks to understand how professionals and organizations successfully design and implement business development programs


Understand the components of a successful marketing plan Recognize website and social media marketing fundamentals Be familiar with ways to expand a client base through networking and referral sources Understand how online publications allow professionals to become thought leaders in their industry Understand how professionals differentiate their practice in a crowded field of competitors

Major Subjects

Marketing plans and how they provide direction and strategy for business growth Fundamentals of an effective website The growing importance of social media Strategies for obtaining and cultivating referral sources The benefits and challenges of networking organizations Creating a niche in saturated industries Using online publishing to meet your growth objectives


General familiarity with accounting and business principles