David Peters, in addition to being SCACPA’s advisor on B&I topics, is an acclaimed and in-demand educator about the financial industry. As a featured speaker for SCACPA, an adjunct faculty member at Winthrop University, and an instructor for many required certification courses for CPAs, he speaks to financial professionals all over the country, trying to make sure they have access to the best information to create successful and responsible financial businesses.

In his ongoing “Demystifying Finance” series, David has created brief videos that break down financial concepts in a way that is accessible and useful.

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Today’s topic: Basic Taxation, Part 2

Tax Credits vs. Tax Deductions

Tax Credits and Tax Deductions – what’s the difference? Dave helps differentiate between these commonly confused tax concepts.

Which Filing Status Am I?

Unsure what filing status that you should file your taxes under? You’ve come to the right place. Dave shares quick tips on determining your filing status.

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Basic Taxation

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