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Surgent’s UiPath: Step into RPA (SSTE736/24)

Event Description

Surgent has partnered with UiPath(TM), the world’s leading robotic process automation (RPA) software company, to provide this CPE course that gives learners practical application in RPA. Participants in this course receive an engaging introduction to RPA through an experiential, use-case approach. They learn how general, real-world problems can be solved in a non-RPA environment. The course teaches skills that enable participants to create a robot using free UiPath software to automate the solution. By automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows with RPA, firms and their employees can benefit from fewer errors, increased productivity, and job satisfaction.

Designed For

Anyone interested in an introduction to RPA and those looking to streamline business workflows


Describe robotic process automation Describe the impact of RPA on the future of work List the benefits of RPA Understand robots and the types available in UiPath Describe the UiPath platform components List the benefits of adopting RPA Install UiPath Academic Alliance Edition Install UiPath browser extensions Explain UiPath user interface Create your first automation project Scrape data using UiPath Understand the different types of recording available in UiPath Use the most important types of loops in UiPath Understand the use of conditional statements Understand data persistence and its use in UiPath Read and write to Excel Describe selectors in UiPath Understand the UI Explorer and when to use it Create robots for basic automation workflows

Major Subjects

Overview of RPA Understanding UiPath platform components Hands-on application through automation project




Download UiPath Studio (free) or UiPath StudioX (free)