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Surgent’s Top 10 Technology Risks and Trends Every CPA Should Know (SSAA876/24)

Event Description

The use of technology by businesses of all types, including CPA firms, has exploded in recent years, creating the need for proactive and robust cybersecurity risk management practices. This trend has created the need for a data-driven decision-making process but has also introduced risks into many companies’ operating environment. This course will explore the most common technology risks and trends that every CPA should know to better advise and serve clients.

Designed For

CPAs in public practice with accounting, financial reporting or attest responsibilities


Identify the business drivers of companies today and the need for data-driven decision making Identify other current trends in information technology applications for clients and auditors

Major Subjects

The benefits and challenges of implementing a data-driven decision making process Significant tends in technology, including: Cloud computing Data analytics Artificial intelligence Workplace changes due to data disruption The importance of securing client data Common cyber-security threats