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Surgent’s The Post COVID-19 Business: Financial and Operational Lessons Learned (SSMG701/24)

Event Description

Many say that the recent pandemic will have caused the greatest change in business that has been seen in the last 100 years. The problem is that we often don’t take the time to step back and evaluate what has happened and how we can capitalize on the positive changes and mitigate the negative ones. This program will examine what has happened, and especially how the changes have affected the financial aspects of our organizations. Moreover, we will examine some of the most important changes to our economic and business systems and how we can benefit in the future.

Designed For

CFOs, controllers, and finance professionals


Understand the long-term effects of the pandemic and its impact on organizations Recognize how weaknesses have been exposed and how to fix them Be aware of how the pandemic has given businesses some methods for greater efficiency Understand better what the customer demands in the new economy Recognize how to capitalize on some of the most recent changes in operations Understand how to be better prepared for the next crisis

Major Subjects

How to conduct a review of what worked and what didn’t work Recognize the need for agility and how to achieve it The need for better liquidity management Review both customers and the supply chain Take another look at risk management How have employee relations shifted? Managing working from home