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Surgent’s Tax Aspects of Home Offices and Vacation Homes (SSTX750/24)

Event Description

The purpose of this course is to provide a practical and in-depth analysis of the significant tax planning advantages and strategies related to owning a principal residence for use as a home office and/or vacation home for upper-income taxpayers.

Designed For

CPAs who wish to assist clients with the home office deduction and/or vacation home issues


Distinguish a pure residence from a mixed-use residence and how Section 280A applies Discuss the application of Section 280A to a vacation home that is also rented out during part of the year Identify the issues related to the use of the residence as a home office

Major Subjects

Mixed use of a residence: how deductions are limited in rental situations Home office: qualification and calculation Strategies and planning for renting a principal residence instead of selling it Why buying a vacation home can be a very smart investment Should you rent or use your vacation home? Opportunities and pitfalls Rules for using like-kind exchanges on principal residences and vacation homes Understanding the tax rules for acquisition indebtedness and home equity indebtedness Maximizing your interest expense deduction in light of limitations in the tax code


A basic course in individual income tax and in tax return preparation